Intro :
Hello there, I am Tania and this little space of mine is my art blog. So welcome to whoever who is here :3

Mostly i post my work, work in progress and studies and inspirations here. :D


Re-working on my old fanart of Mikasa from Shingeki no Kyojin! Hopefully there will be improvements from the previous version!


Random practice piece. Main goal is to study more on how light and shadow work on a human’s face. I need more practice still!

Decided to use a character from Dragon Nest since i am out of ideas. Might actually do a few more practice with my friends’ characters…


Photo of an old doodle of my gear master in a MMORPG “Dragon Nest”.


"Magical" copic markers on random notebook. Further editing on photoshop.

Work in progress : “Osirius”

After years of not using copic markers, i have decided to use them again and its really fun. Will be doing more copic related works soon!


Pencil sketch, planning how i want the feel for the character.

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Work in progress shots for “Golden Yellow”

Quite a long post thus click on the “read more” to view the whole post!


Pencil sketch first, planning phase of poses and such. In this case, I went for a really straight forward pose in order to focus more on the details on the character.

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Pencil on moleskine + photoshop.




Copic markers on moleskine.



"Golden Yellow"

Copic markers on moleskine + photoshop.

Hello all again! Sorry that I didn’t update my tumblr as much! It’s certainly a nice surprise to see that people actually liked the post on my Hobonichi page! Very thank you to you all! And hello new followers! I hope I will be more active again!

For now, here is another one of my older pages :D I will try to get some nicer posts up soon!