Intro :
Hello there, I am Tania and this little space of mine is my art blog. So welcome to whoever who is here :3

Mostly i post my work, work in progress and studies and inspirations here. :D

I love talking about my obsession with materials, paper, and pretty things. Oh, did i mention i love games too? :)

Hello all again! Sorry that I didn’t update my tumblr as much! It’s certainly a nice surprise to see that people actually liked the post on my Hobonichi page! Very thank you to you all! And hello new followers! I hope I will be more active again!

For now, here is another one of my older pages :D I will try to get some nicer posts up soon!
My best pages so far :)
My Hobonichi Techo (Image heavy)

Finally, as mentioned, here is a post of my Hobonichi Techo! Came very quickly in about 3-4 days. Very amazing speed that EMS have! It came in this bright yellow box which got me squealing quite a while as its, finally, here! After over a few months of wait~

So, next few photos are the contents inside basically~

Cat Cat Cat! Cover! :3 Couldn’t resist the cuteness for this cover that i just have to get it ^^

My Camellia cover! This colour probably sold out at least 2 times on the webstore, i am so glad to be able to get it before the February orders instead~

The navy cover, which i got for my sister. I pulled her into the world of Hobonichi and now she loves her planner :3

The book is over there~ However, that aside, i have gotten Deco Rush cafe edition too~ :3 Very lovely pack indeed!

One pack of dot sticker for my sister and I. Some small sized file as we think it will be useful (and turns out to be the best thing ever) Also the orange thing is a under board which i am using as i don’t want to dent my paper as much when i draw ^^

Another shot of the lovely planner~

Lastly, a family shot of the things i have gotten! So pleased with them and so happy that i actually muster the courage to order!

I have never done online transactions before, but ordering from the Hobonichi website is really really easy and took me about 10minutes? :3 (most time spent on choosing the items~)

Opened page. I love how it lays flat! Very amazing to me as i use my left hand to write, i certainly appreciate little things like these to ease my writing experience~

Cat Cat Cat + Camellia cover~ :3

My experience over all? Amazing. I have started using the planner too and i must say i am loving it even more each day! There are times i forgot to write in it, but i believe eventually i will keep myself more consistent in regards to it~

The paper quality, is indeed as excellent as how the reviews say. Its such a thin paper yet my ink doesn’t bleed through! That itself impresses me a lot. The downside is of course, the ink drying time is longer, but i just have to be more careful right? :3

Thanks to this planner, i became an avid Washi tape addict too!

Will post next time in regards to my pages in my Hobonichi so far~ :3

Life Update (I am back!)

Hello, tumblr world. I am back! I am gone, not because i stopped loving tumblr, but i just got too busy to actually feel motivated to make posts here. I hope i will keep a more consistent update! I decided to post about other things too other than art. :)

So, what have i been doing?

Well, i been to Shanghai. Very beautiful place <3 Shall have a separate photo post for it.

I have gotten my Hobonichi planner! I am really loving it day by day and its a really nice feeling to write in it. I shall spazz about this gorgeous planner in a separate post too. :3

I became even more of a stationery addict. :x

My planner is pretty much decorated like this. However, the main point is that i have gotten my Animal Crossing guide book thanks to Kinokuniya’s public sale!

Lastly, my sister’s loots for me from Osaka Pokemon Centre! Most of the items are actually Shinzi Katoh’s collaboration with Pokemon. Totally love the merchandises but sadly the popular ones are all sold out! :( Its okay, i got some others anyway :3

Sadly, i havent draw as much, but i am pushing myself to!

So well, i hope this return will be a good one! (i will do my best this time to update even more)

In Preparation for a new planner (Pt 1)

Thanks (or no thanks) to my job, i get to know.. many different kinds of pens , pencils, stationery items in general. So, i decided to make a similar post like my diary post to share!

i have a strong interest (again) towards colorful pens nowadays, so here are some i am actually eyeing for! :>

Hi Tec C Maica

Ever heard of G Tec C4 or Hi Tec C5 pens? Maica is the fancier version with many more colors! The design was a little too girly for me at first but i got used to it as the quality is just as good as the C4,C5 pens (they are the same actually) and also it has amazing colors! Best is that, it comes in a set which i am getting it soon :)

Only the 0.4 nib is available in a set! :)

Pilot Juice Pens

Here is a link to the pastel set i am getting. Originally, i wanted to get the rainbow colored set like Maica, however i think there is no point buying 2 similar sets. Thus i pick something more interesting which is this pastel set! These are gel pens and very nice to write with. Like any gel pens, they take time to dry so be careful when using it! You wouldn’t want to have ink smudges.

Another reason i got this is because, its being taken down from the store due to licencing issues. So its kind of a, “get now or you will never be able to get it!”

Zebra Mildliner

I call this, most gorgeous highlighters ever. Gone with the neon, here is actually some pretty colors to use! The quality is awesome too and there are actually many customers at my workplace who looks out for it! :> Totally getting at least 1 set of it to use :>

Mitsubishi Uni Style Fit

I do not have a nice image for this sadly. However, this is probably one of the greatest invention ever, ever, ever. You can actually choose your own color refills for this! They have lots of colors, and in different nib size too. Totally perfect for days where you don’t want to bring a whole pencil case out yet still want to have different colored inks. I have already gotten the 3 color holder and now i believe i should have gotten the 5 color holder!

Do you know, there is actually a mechanical pencil refill for this!? :D

Ink quality is fantastic, writes really smoothly and dries really fast. Something i really appreciate as a left handler.

Frixion Series

The hype over Frixion is pretty insane right now. Perhaps not really obvious, but in a day, i can get up to 5 customers asking me for pens that have erasable ink! 

Frixion comes in many forms.. Frixion ball, Frixion Point, Frixion Clicker, Frixion colors, etc etc. I am considering of getting the Frixion colors if i am not getting the Zebra Mildliner!

Quality wise is definitely fantastic or else why would so many people ask about it? :D I recall, Frixion used to not be very acceptable as people are rather doubtful of its ability, but now, people are buying the sets especially!


I guess that is all for my sharing session! I think i am really becoming stationery obsessed but i cant help it as they give a really different approach to my drawings!

A good example will be a recent drawing i did with whatever colored pens i had during that point of time.

(Done with Hi tec C, and uni style fit inks.)

Lovely image credits goes to

Time of the year again.


I was never a planner sort of a person. I do love writing notes and to do list in my sketchbooks, notebooks and scrap pieces of paper though. There is just something different about writing down on a piece of paper as compared to having a phone app. I think i am just quite a traditional type of person. I just dont trust my apps that much when i want to make “to do list” or “take note” or etc. It feels much more of a hassle as compared to writing it down.

Its the time of the year again, where i face a challenge of : “planner or plain notebook again?”

It doesn’t help when my workplace is a stationery store. Which stocks quite a bit of Japanese products. One very obvious difference between Japanese planners and local planners is that, local planners are very build for work. While Japanese planners are very build for personal use.

Here are some planner brands which have caught my eye. Not that i am buying all of them, its just that i am really interested in little things like notebooks and such. To me, they are very very major part of my life.

(click the names to go to the website directly! :D)

Happy Make Diary



Probably, the most girly set of diary that is in my workplace. It has pretty covers, a cute little charm and lovely soft covers. The pages inside (do check out from the website!) are really lovely too. They even included dressing tips to the train line map in Tokyo! Its in Japanese though, but people still buy it anyway as its really lovely.

Midori Traveler’s Edition




This really impressed me so much that i was so tempted to buy it! However i didn’t as it didn’t have the size that i would prefer. Midori have garnered so many fans all over the world thanks to this notebook/diary. Its extremely highly (look at my exaggeration, but i am serious) Customizable. You can keep refilling, adding name plates, add a pen holder or even a plastic zip lock inside. No problem. What makes it even more fantastic is that, the community for it is so supportive of this that it makes it really awesome to.. actually hold intellectual conversation about notebooks!

Other Midori Dairies




A direct link to their store to see other dairies that Midori do have, other than the Traveler edition! These are extremely pretty too, and they come in such slim sizes which ladies would love. 



Moleskine, will always be one of the options for me when i want to invest in a handy notebook. The whole idea of moleskine is pretty straight forward : Clean, and make it work. Its also good for those who want to put their own designs, stickers and such in instead of having premade ones. 

However, for this year, I am actually putting the idea of Moleskine aside as some other brand took my heart away. (Yes, that dramatic.) I still love Moleskine very much though, especially the paper! Also its quite an artist thing to own a Moleskine sketchbook to draw in!

Hobonichi Techo




Last but not least, the one which really took my heart away this year. I am like “i want i want i want” to perhaps any fancy notebook/planner which caught my eye. However, this one is a revolution to me. It actually make me think its practical enough, the size i like, and its just clean and simple. Perhaps i am also brainwashed by the hype, but honestly, the first sight of this makes me feel that its so gorgeous and perfect.

Even if its plain like that, i actually like the Chinese words/kanji on the front cover. Very clean, simple and polished looking to me. Of course the covers are great too which makes me go “I WANT I WANT” to almost all the cover designs.

Here is a direct link to the beautiful product lineup.

Thats all for now. I think i wrote quite a long post! However i cant help it, i could probably spend hours googling about notebooks and such. The only way i could get Hobonichi is through online so the chances of me actually getting it is really slim! (since i cant do online purchases) Still, i really hope to find a way to get it, or find an alternative!

To those who actually read the whole post, you guys are amazing to actually sit through this! Very thank you to you guys! :D

All images are credited to the respective websites. :)

A quick test of using mainly purple to paint. I have always been a &#8220;apple must be red&#8221; kind of a person so i hope i can actually be more daring with colors.
Style and color direction is very inspired by KidChan. Do check out her works here (
Pokemon XY (work in progress)

Finally i can share my work in progress for this particular painting which i really really love. I am not really a fan art person, neither do i really draw Pokemon despite liking the whole series and games etc. However, for this countdown party ( i decided to push my limits and give it a go! It turns out extremely rewarding and i am so glad i could sort of finish it before the deadline. :D

Here are some WIP shots! :D

Here are some close up on the characters and such. (Since the one posted in the countdown party page is really sized down!)

Also, i even made a wallpaper version for my desktop. That is how much i love it. Haha! I will be posting that separately so that you guys can get the bigger version instantly. 

Last but not least, this is actually not the full image. This is the sized down version done specially for the countdown party! I will be finding some time to complete the full image and fix the mistakes i want to fix! The full image is slightly more longer with more space to the sky and such. :)

Thank you to anyone out there who actually like this picture i have done for the countdown! It means a lot to me and i am feeling all fuzzy and happy now. :)